Lu•ís Sil•va

[luíɛs ˈsɪlvə]


  1. a person that consumes an enormous amount of coffee tea to properly function
  2. thinks of himself as a very creative mind
  3. kind of funny 😂

About Me

My name is Luís Silva,

I am a 26 years old boy from Portugal 🇵🇹 , with big dreams of a more technological world and a well-balanced society. Did my MSc. in Computer and Telematics Engineering at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. With a thesis about a distributed anonymous reputation system I developed a taste for security in computer systems.

Currently, I am working at where we are trying to shape the future of healthcare 👨‍⚕️. We work with AI, computer vision and powerfull embedded systems.

I also try and maintain my very own digital garden 🌱, where I write about stuff.

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